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By | September 18, 2022

Google Earth App Download | What is Google Earth? This is a simple question which is searched more on the internet i.e. Google, if you also want to know about Google Earth, then today we will tell you about Google Earth. Know what is Google Earth and how to download and use it.

Google Earth is like Google Map, its main purpose is to prepare a 3D print of an object in a house, so that it can be known what size the house or that object is. This is a kind of great technology, it is not all that easy, yet we use it so easily because to measure it, Google uses a 3D camera in the helicopter, whose image is sent to the Google service, then its The entire blueprint is prepared, this is a very famous service which is the Bharti of Google Map, in which you can search very easily and also see 360 ​​degree which is used all over the world.

What is Google Earth?

With the help of this we can see any place as 3B image like if you want to see Qutub Minar of Delhi or get its location, where is it, then you have to write Qutub Minar of Delhi in Google Earth and in front of it You will get the image and location, with the help of Google Earth, you can find the distance of any place.

And you can also find out the way, the biggest advantage of this is that you do not need to ask anything, you can go anywhere with the help of your mobile, in this you can go to any corner of the world and see Now we tell you how you can use it.

First of all, download the Google Earth app from your mobile and open it, after opening the app, you will have the option of search at the top, in this, type the name of the place you want to see or want to go, complete information in front of you. It will come and you can also see the image there.

In this you can enter the name of any place, it will tell you by searching and it will also tell which way you have to go, if you want to go on foot, then there is a different route for you. And if you want to take the service of rail, then it will tell you the way there too.

It is like a boon for us, we are using it very well, it is very useful, which way we have to go to office from our home, we are new in many places, we do not have complete information about that time or app. Helps a lot, where we have to go, which way to go, it will tell us all, Mali ji, we are not getting anything, this app also tries us in Dilwale, this app is very simple, it is very easy to run.

How to Use Google Earth App?

Let us understand this with an example, suppose you live in one corner of Delhi and you want to see where is the world’s famous building Eiffel tower and also see its 3D image, then you have to write only Eiffel tower in google earth so that Google Earth will show you its location and its 3D.

The specialty of Google Earth is that it also shows you the distance of two places, just like you see in Google Maps, through Google Earth, you can find the distance of any place or place and to go to any place. You can easily find the route, that is, Google Earth helps you to find places.

If you want to use Google Earth, then you can easily download its app from Play Store, this service of Google is absolutely free, Google Earth is downloaded in a few minutes “Google Earth” mobile, tablet, computer and Works on devices like laptop etc.

Google Earth App Download

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