e-Nagar App Gujarat

By | November 13, 2022

e-Nagar App Gujarat : Gujarat eNagar Mobile App: India is now advancing rapidly in the field of technology compared to other countries. According to the idea of ​​our Prime Minister Shri Modi, the aim is to make our country Digital India. But now the government is making efforts to make all the government services digital. In which today we will talk about the Gujarat eNagar Mobile App portal of the Gujarat government. Attempts have been made to provide many services like marriage notes, etc. online now. So that good services can be provided to the citizens of the state on a large scale.

As the prevalence of digital services is increasing in the whole country and the government is promoting all government services through Digital India, now in our state of Gujarat, the state government is going to make their government services online. The state of Gujarat has always been ahead of other states in the field of technology.

But now through e-governance all the government services are now going to be online. In which the forms of all farmer oriented schemes can be filled on ikhedut portal. Online forms can be filled on OJAS for government recruitments. Many other such portals are being implemented by the government. has been put in place so that the people of the state can avail all the services through Digutal Gujarat.

What is Gujarat eNagar Mobile App Launch?

This application has just been launched by the government of Gujarat. In which all the people living in the municipalities of the state of Gujarat will be able to get the benefit of the government services online. In which people will now get rid of being pushed by the government offices. In this post today we will know that eNagar What is the App? How can the government services be taken advantage of?

Benefits of eNagar Mobile App

Through this, there will be transparency in government work and the citizens will also benefit a lot. Through this mobile app, citizens can now get online services such as tax payment, marriage registration, birth registration, construction permission, professional tax, fire brigade, drainage cleaning etc.

The enagar mobile application was launched by the Gujarat government some time ago. In which the people of the state’s municipalities can now get the benefit of government services in their city online. In which citizens can now get more than 52 services online through a total of 10 portals. .

eNagar Gujarat Login Registration

The people of urban areas are going to benefit a lot from eNagar Mobile App. In which to avail this service, citizens have to register themselves first on Enagar Portal. Once the registration is done, citizens can avail all the services. So let’s go. Know the complete information on how to register on this Ingar portal.

Step 1

  • First go to Google Play Store and download eNagar Mobile App. Then open it. Go to Create New Account as shown below.
  • After that put your mobile number in it and enter any password you like. Then enter the OTP that comes on your mobile number.
  • After successfully registering in this application, you will be able to do all the work in the municipality area online in this application. In which you have to go to the work you have to do and submit all the information by filling in the mobile number, address etc. as shown below. .
  • Now that the service you have availed has been registered online, the staff of the municipal department will contact you from the front to take note of it. And will send you feedback. More so if you download any death certificate, marriage registration certificate etc. If it has to be done, it can also be done.

e-Nagar App Gujarat

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