Whatsapp Sticker Maker: Sticker Maker For Whatsapp

By | April 21, 2023

Whatsapp Sticker Maker: Looking for a free whatsapp sticker maker app? Want to turn your photos into funny whatsapp stickers quickly and easily? Want to challenge how cool and fun your whatsapp stickers can be? Well, this WhatsApp sticker maker application is exactly what you want.

Whatsapp Sticker Maker

It is really a cool WhatsApp sticker maker App. Download this app “Sticker Maker – Make Sticker for WhatsApp stickers” to create whatsapp stickers now.

How Create Sticker For Whatsapp

It only takes 3 steps to make stickers:-

  • Choose a picture and cut up the cluttered background from the picture
  • Add text stickers or decorations to make your stickers look more vivid. Then Save.
  • Click export to add your stickers or text sticker to whatsapp.
  • Done. Now chat with your friends using your own stickers.


  • It is a free Sticker Maker and Free Sticker DIY app for WhatsApp.“Sticker Maker – Make Sticker for WhatsApp stickers” is a free sticker creator app. It is easy to make stickers and the interface is lively. Especially, a cute sticker making IP.With 3 simple steps, you can make stickers that can be used in WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business As a WhatsApp sticker making app, it is totally compatible with WhatsApp and even WhatsApp Business.
  • Easy image crop and free hand sticker photo cropping app.This sticker maker app provides multiple ways to cut your pictures during making stickers. Contains squares, select all, free-hand image cropping.
  • Powerful rich text sticker Editor.“Sticker Maker – Make Sticker for WhatsApp stickers” has a powerful text sticker editor. It provides a variety of special functions which make WhatsApp stickers more charming.Various text sticker colors , texts stickers’ special effects, such as text sticker curve, sticker text shadows, text sticker templates etc.Sticker Maker Provides numbers of popular text sticker’s fonts selection.
  • Provide emoji and other decorations for making stickers funny and vivid “Sticker Maker – Make Sticker for WhatsApp stickers” provides different kinds of sticker emoji and sticker making decorations. When you make WhatsApp stickers, you can add some sticker decorations to make more funny and outstanding WhatsApp stickers or WhatsApp Business stickers.There are many types of decorations for you to choose when making stickers for WhatsApp. Try now how cool and fun your personalized WhatsApp stickers will be?
  • One created sticker pack contains multiple stickers. According to the requirements of WhatsApp sticker pack, usually a customized sticker pack for WhatsApp stickers needs to add 3 stickers at least and up to 30 personalized stickers.According to display requirements of customized WhatsApp stickers, the best display effect of sticker making is 1:1 square. So we provide a 1:1 sticker making ratio by default.
  • Adding border to your customized stickers to make your stickers for WhatsApp more outstanding.When making WhatsApp stickers, you can turn on the border of the customized sticker to make sticker for WhatsApp more prominent.
  • Support exporting personalized stickers to multiple whatsApps including WhatsApp Stickers and WhatsApp Business StickersAfter making stickers, you can click the Export button at the bottom of the customized sticker pack details page to export the finished stickers to WhatsApp. Imagine their surprised expression after seeing a WhatsApp sticker made with their own pictures.
  • Easy share your created stickers pack with your friends .You can quickly share customized WhatsApp stickers packs you have made to your friends. Let more people see the stickers made by you, use these WhatsApp stickers.

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