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By | November 5, 2022

Photo Dialer App Download | You Can Set Your Photo On The Home Screen, Lock Screen, Keyboard Etc. In The Phone, But Many People Have A Question Whether The Photo Can Be Put In The Phone Dialer Too, Then The Answer Is Yes, You Can Set Any Of Your Photos On The Dial Pad. You Can Set This, When You Open The Phone’s Dialer To Call Someone, You Also See Your Picture There, Many People Use Android Smartphones,

That’s Why Here I Am Telling You How To Set Photo In Dialer Of Android Phone, Which Is Very Simple, Although Dialer Of Almost All Mobiles Is Same, In Which Option To Write Number And Call Is Available. , If You Use Your Dialpad A Lot, Then You Will Get Bored Seeing Its Kind Of Background, And Want To Put A Photo Of Yourself Or Anyone On Its Background, And Want To Change Its Background, So That Your Mobile Dialer Looks Different And Better Than Others.

How to set your photo in Phone Dialer?

By the way, there is no option to add a photo to the default dialer found in all mobiles, nor is there any option to change the background, so to set a photo on your phone dialer, you need to use the app. You have to use, by using any dialer app, you can change the default dialer of your mobile and make many changes in it, there are many features like Video Background, Color Customization etc. You can set video background on Incoming Call.

So that if anyone calls on your device, the video that you have set will start playing on the phone screen, similarly if you want to customize the background color of the dial, and set the color of your choice. So you can do this using the application, but here I am telling you how to set photo on Phone Dialer, so that you can select any of your photos from your device and put it on your mobile dialer, and so on. Along with this, you can also set Wallpaper on Incoming Call.

Set Picture In Dialer 2022

If you want to beautify your phone’s dialer, then you can make it attractive by setting a photo on the phone dialer, there are many dialer apps on the internet from which you can change the background of the dialer and apply any photo, here But I am going to tell you about only 2 apps, using which you can set photo on Call Screen, apart from adding wallpaper in background of contacts, setting video in dialpad, viewing call history search history, Changing the screen of Incoming Call etc. options are also available in these apps,

And the options which are available in Default Phone Dialer like Mute, Merge, Swap, Contacts etc. All these options are also found in these dialer apps, in these apps users also get options with Flash On Call and Call Announcer so that you Flashlight can be blinked when a call comes, when the flashlight is blinking, then even if your device is silent, it is known that someone is calling on your number.

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How to set photo in Phone Dialer?

  • To have an app named My Photo Phone Dialer in your phone, Android users can download this application from Playstore.
  • After installing this app in the device, open it, here you will be told about the features of this app, how you can choose the background, and how to answer the call.
  • After this you will be asked to give permission to use all the features of this app, you can give permission by clicking on the Ok option.
  • Then here you will see a page with Term and Condition, after reading them, click on the Continue option.
  • Right now you will be asked to set this My Photo Phone Dialer in the default dialer, after clicking on the option with Change Default Dialer Application, you have to select Call Phone and click on the option with Set As Default.
  • After this, options like Caller, Swipe, Flash etc. will be visible here, out of which you have to click on the option with Dialer, after that an icon will appear here to change the background, click on this icon.
  • Then Background and Keypad Effect these 2 options will appear, out of which you have to choose the option with Background, after that click on the option with Pick Image.
  • You will see all the photos of your mobile gallery, select any photo you want to put on the Phone Dialer by clicking on it and click on the apply option.

Right now the photo will appear in your dialpad, which you can also change, for this you have to click on the Dialer option again in this app and click on the background color icon and click on the background image and click on any image. You can select the picture.

Photo Dialer App Download

Photo Dialer App : Download Here