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By | October 14, 2022

Google Assistant App Download : How would you feel if one day your mobile phone asked about your current situation? You will be surprised if you ask any question and your mobile answers you, today we will talk about a tool that communicates with you. Today we will talk about Google Assistant, a tool of Google which was earlier known as Google Now.

Google Assistant is a program in view of computerized reasoning innovation that produces yield as per client input. Google Assistant is a Google Virtual Assistant that you can use on various gadgets. Google Assistant is a system in which human voice is set.

This Google Assistant will give you the result according to whatever question or command you give to this program. For example: If you want to turn on the flashlight of your smartphone, you will tell Google Assistant that “Turn on flashlight” then Google Assistant will turn on the flashlight of your smartphone.

If you have a question, ask it in Google Assistant and Google Assistant will find the answer to that question from Google search engine and speak to you.

Features of the Google Assistant App

  • Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai introduced Google Assistant at a Google Developer Conference on May 18, 2016.
  • Google Assistant was first developed for the Google Home smart speaker and messaging app Google Allo, Google Allo was a messaging app that Google discontinued in 2019.
  • Currently you can use Google Assistant on almost all Android devices, Android TV, Wear OS, etc.

Google Assistant App What will be used Go

  • All latest Android smartphones
  • IPhone
  • Wear OS (smartwatch)
  • Android TV
  • Speaker
  • Vehicles supporting Android Auto

You can use Google Assistant in any of the above devices or OS.

Google Assistant Advantages :

  • Can play the game.
  • Can set timer.
  • Can get the location.
  • if you want to open any application, so you can speak through this application and complete task by google assistant
  • Can know their personal information.
  • You may hear different news.
  • Google assistant is music friendly. So you can control and listen music through this app/
  • You can likewise settle on an immediate telephone decision to somebody.
  • You can know the climate and temperature as indicated by the encompassing area.
  • You can find out about other information from the Google search engine by asking questions.
  • Google Assistant can also speak and listen to your smartphone notifications.

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